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wolfdragonblood's Profile Picture
Ian or Wolf fine with me :)
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Amazing Picture made :iconbadwolfroxy: by of my oc Makoto

got tagged by both of these guys :iconpoptarts-3: and :iconlucasso972:

  • Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged
  • Write 13 things about yourself
  • Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and makes your own 13 questions.
  • Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged
  • Don't say "You're tagged if you read this"
  • It is forbidden not to tag anyone
13 things about myself

  1. I'm a guy 
  2. I like pokemon
  3. I'm a fan of muscles 
  4. I like the ocean 
  5. I'm a big fan of Legend of Zelda
  6. My favorite Villain is Venom
  7. My Birthstone is Garnet
  8. I'm a Aquarius
  9. one of my favorite cartoons is Steven Universe 
  10. I enjoy fusions 
  11. I'm a wimp when it comes to horror games 
  12. I feel like scorpion form spiderman should have more fan art
  13. Persona is another one of my favorite game series 
Now questions I got form :iconlucasso972:
1. How are you ? Tired ?
Just woke up so doing fine ^^
2. What is your favorite color ?
Purple ^^
3. What d'ya think of that tag ? Cool huh !??
I got double tagged did you two plan this out?!?
4. Is that your first time being tagged ?
nope its not but it won't be my last time
5. Who's your favorite OC and why ?
I would say Wolfy for the fact that I got a lot of things in common with him
6. And now, what's your favorite animal ? I am a dummy!
Snow Leopard 
7. Do you like... MUSCLES ??!? OwO
Yes I love me some good muscles
8. Orange or Grapefruit ?
9. What does the words "Milujem ta" make you think of ?
hmmm I'm not sure what it means but if its coming form you I think it might be something to liking something or being good friends.
10. You're single ?
Yep not dating at the moment 
11. What's your favorite place ?
hmm I got to say like Universal studios in Florida 
12. Do you see the sea from where you are ?
no but I can see one of the great lakes 
13. Aaaannnd, it's end you liked ? owo
sure this was nice ^^

Now onto questions I got form :iconpoptarts-3:

1- Do you think Seinfeld is actually funny?
What's Seinfeld I've never heard of it
2- Do you see yourself driving a bus or a helicopter down an isolated road?
Nope can't say I do 
3- Do you play Town of Salem?
Never played it but I consider getting it after watching a few video's 
4- What's the WORST online community (so forums) you've seen?
I think FA kinda sucks in some ways 
5- What did you hear once that made you laugh so hard that you were gasping for air?
A dirty joke that I won't say 
6- Have you seen any videos by HowToBasic?
7- Muscle flexing, Muscle growth, Muscle Worship, or a combination of any of the three?
Sure like muscle flexing
8- Is there anything you own that you wish you didn't own?
I got this one cologne That I don't care to keep
9- Oh no! Your house is on fire! You can only save 3 things. (Family, Family Photos, and pets are taken care of). What would those 3 items be?
Ps4 Art books and video games i've collected for years 
10- Opinion on the idea of virtual reality?
In favor of that 
11- Favorite window flavor?
not sure 
12- Controllable invisibility or your own legal money printer?
13- 2x + 3y = 4 while -2x +7x = 16. Find the values of x & y.
I'm not doing math over summer 

Tagging you guys 

My questions
  1. Who is your favorite Villain form any cartoon?
  2. have you ever had a crush on a Villain and who was it?
  3. what is your favorite snack?
  4. who do you feel needs more fan art?
  5. your thoughts on the Nintendo switch?
  6. Favorite childhood game?
  7. how are the questions so far do you like them?
  8. Favorite Color?
  9. Marvel or DC?
  10. Anime or Cartoons?
  11. who is your tallest character?
  12. who is your strongest character?
  13. okay you got to the end of this so how was it hope you don't mind the tagging ^^;

Got tagged by :iconsiucar: 

There questions

   1.      How are you today ?
Doing okay I guess 

    2.      You’re a super hero. What are your powers ?
Polymorphing love to change into things

    3.      What is the most important thing you want to take with you if you’ll go on an island ?
a survival kit and manga 

    4.      Favorite song or music ?
To Zanarken 

    5.      What wild animal would you want to be ?
Snow leopard 

    6.      Zara Larsson or Zayn Malik ?
No singers 

    7.      Favorite hobby ?
Drawing love doing that 

    8.      Do you think you keep on talking with me even after reading the next question ?
Sure I don't think it'll be that bad.

    9.      HA HA HA HA ! You scared ??!! Morning breakfast : tea in bed or coffee under the sunrays ?
Tea in bed

    10.    Favorite food ?
Spring rolls

    11.    What do you hate the most ?
I don't like good food being thrown away

    12.    Why do you choose to draw/carve/take shots ?
It's fun to make a new world that slowly grows more and more.

    13.    What is the first thing you see, each day, when you open your eyes ?
Pikachu and my teddy bear next to me. 

Tagged by :iconstalwartt:

There questions 

  1. Your thoughts on Macabre
Some nice scary stories came form some works of those 
     2. Say you have the person you hate the most, right in front of you... You either- set him free/ mutilate his corpse and send his remains to the family/                torture him for life until he succumbs to his wounds!!!
... this would be hard on me but I would set them free even with my hate for them
     3. Have you ever had a feeling "This body part shouldn't be here" and you just HAVE TO carve it out?
Nope never had that feeling before 
     4. Choose- Kill yourself to save the people of the world OR Let the people of the world die for you!
If I keep hope for humanity then ill die for the people of the world 
     5. What would be your favorite way to murder your victims?
make them die form heart break
     6. What's your opinion oh homophobes?
Don't care for them and don't need them 
     7. State a thing you just could NOT stand in this world!
The Government and its stupid laws on stuff
     9. Hmmm... What's the most outrageous thing you ever did and why?
... I'm not sure don't have a good memory of things 
    10. What should be the real punishment for Hurting the innocent?
be used as science experiments 
    11. What if good is bad and bad is good and we believe good is good only because we've been hearing it since childhood, but it's not so???
..................................................... Wolfdragonblood.exe has crashed
    12. Favourite weapon?
The sword 
    13. Are you judging me for these questions???
No I'm not judging you for these questions they was fun ^^

So I guess its time that I host my own contest its not gonna be as big as I want but hey I'll try and have another one in the future XD


                                                                         1st place: 600 Points and a half-body/head-shot and a month feature :iconda-commission-us: 
                                2nd place: 300 Points Half body and head shot 
                               3rd place: 100 Points Half body and head shot

So a few rules
-No bases
-Nsfw is allowed for this 
 - Make a journal about this contest
 - Have fun Racing Girl Emoji (Ehehe) [V4] 

This will be a drawing competition so the one you'll have to draw for this is him 
Bacchus by wolfdragonblood

Sketch Chibi of Bacchus by wolfdragonbloodChibi Bacchus by wolfdragonblood

So now onto the dead line for this it will be this date unless it needs to be extended
teh running Pikachu July 5teh running Pikachu 

#492 Shaymin - Land Forme At least 7 people must enter the contest or it will be canceled #492 Shaymin - Land Forme 

if extra details are needed feel free to ask me Cute anime wolf girl getting petted 


so I just remembered that I forgot to mention that non of my characters get hurt by acid some even take baths in it for deep cleaning. however Aether can burn , or even make flesh melt of certain characters (basically the acid of Zenus) 
and there only 16 at the end of the series 
Wait let me get this straight Yusuke Urameshi is F*$# 14 years old and is his school is a middle school and not a high school !?! and KUWABARA !?!
so I'm really starting to question if you guys want me to do contests that involve questions 


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w-h-i-s-p-a Featured By Owner 18 hours ago  Student General Artist
Hi there! I just wanted to give you a warm welcome to :iconmoreexposure: and let you know that I'm always open for questions and feedback about the group.
Please do not hesitate to contact admin with any concerns, and you are definitely welcome to post your art into the (correct) folders.
Thank you!
AzakiShimo Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
how've you been, my dear boy~? ^_^ *noogies*
wolfdragonblood Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Been doing okay ^w^ been making fan art of my favorite Villains , and might move onto doing hero's next how about you how have you been ^^
AzakiShimo Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
oooohhhh, heros? Hmmmm~ Like super heroes based on DC, Marvel, or some anime cartoons? lmao! XD

To be honest, i havent forgotten your doujinshi the one im still working for you, and i would never forget someone who paid me to do it, i wanna try my best to keep it up to impress you... and Ive ebeen doing the contest art for you so its gotta look better for you, im doing my best to satisfied and impress you! ^_^
wolfdragonblood Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Ya those kind X3 

oh I can't wait to see both of those =3
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